Broken: Episode 3

The following day was a regular day at work, configuring network devices and troubleshooting any error on the bank’s network as usual. It seemed like a promising day because I had a smile on my face, I was happy to be at work for the first time in a long time, before going on my lunch break my boss called me and asked me to setup a new workstation in my department for a new staff, I got to work immediately so I could settle the rumbling in my stomach before the lunch break came to an end. While setting up the system, I was passing the Ethernet cable under the table when I noticed a pair of smooth legs walking towards the table and stopped right in front of me, I pulled my short self from under the table to find a slim looking lady standing in front of me, her skin looked like butterscotch and I wanted to lick her on the spot just to know what she would taste like; she was a goddess. With a smile that had the intensity to brighten up my life like sunlight, she finally spoke:

“Hi, are you Bayo?” I replied her and asked how I could help her, she was the new staff I was setting up the work station for and she was sent by my boss so I could introduce her to everybody in the department. I was angry at first because that was someone else’s job, but I decided to enhance my calm or I might just get another query. Her name was Kofoworola, a corps member that got posted to the bank, I made the necessary introductions and asked her to feel free to ask any questions that she encounters while working, I left her in the office and went to settle my stomach before it develops a voice and f**ks me up. I returned to my department and met my boss there talking to Kofo, I tried to walk past him unnoticed but he called me back and asked if I had any work pending that I needed to get to, I made the mistake of being honest and said no, if I had known what is next statement was going to be then I would have lied my ass off and said I had a lot of work to get to. He told me I was going to be in charge of teaching Kofo what we do in the IT department, “show her how the different monitoring softwares work and how to collate the daily, weekly and monthly reports” he said. At this point, I knew this was the punishment for my outburst the other day; I totally suck at teaching people anything, my patience runs thin when I'm trying to get a message across to someone and they are just too dense to assimilate every word coming out of my mouth. I had a disgruntled look on my face as he spoke but I couldn't say anything, I noticed someone close staring at me as my boss kept on talking and as I turned, I saw Kofo giggling. Uncertainty set in and I wasn't sure if she was happy because I had to be her "teacher" or because of the look I had on my face. A call came in to his phone and he had to leave to receive it, I turned to Kofo and said with so much disinterest:

"Alright, let's get this over with". I showed her the basic concept of how most of the softwares work, explained to her that the best way to learn how to use them was learning on the job and not trying to cram everything, she seemed eager to learn and asked intelligent questions that made me task my brain, I concluded the brief lecture and told her to get familiar with the softwares while I retire back to my desk. All this while, my colleagues were laughing at me because they knew how frustrated I get when I try to teach, there wasn't much work to do in the office that afternoon so my colleagues decided to talk to Kofo and get to know her better; Dami, Ben, Cynthia and Alex were the outgoing bunch in the office, I was the loner that hardly spoke in the department and as they began their little chit-chat with Kofo, I just delved into playing angry birds on my phone. They all got along well, Cynthia was happy to have a fellow female colleague in the office that she could gossip with while Dami, Ben and Alex being the flirts that they are kept showering her with amorous advances, I caught few glances of her smiling as they poured buckets of compliments on her and couldn't help but think that at the end of all this, she's going to end up in one of their beds.

After a good day's work, I closed and packed my laptop and other documents in my bag and began to walk out when I felt a soft tap on my shoulder from behind, I turned and saw Kofo smiling and she said:

"Have a lovely night, be happy". I managed to draw a wry smile on my face as I muttered and said thank you before walking away. I was slipping, I'm not going to fall for this girl only to get my heart positioned in the tracks of a train and get crushed. I'm not going to feel depressed again, Hell no, not when I'm trying to find happiness again.



Ijeoma's picture

Left in a deep thought, and ï won't like to be left out in dis gist

ifeoam's picture

wow what a story will love to follow this up... nice one

treasure's picture

Rili enjoyed dis story, buh is it rili fictional or non fictional????

oparinde timmy's picture

Cool it fictional or non-fictional?

Izunna Asiegbu's picture

The story is not too bad

emmanuel's picture

Who this is really interesting I would like to follow this up

alex's picture

Very interesting.....................

paschaline agbams's picture

It's a real interestn story

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Intrestn! Next episode pls...

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Wow! interesting story, i have to follow each episode

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am enjoying this

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Enjoying it. Just started 2day.

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We need an update.

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Nice one

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