Broken: Episode 6

The weekend went pretty fast and I found myself preparing for a brand new week of stress starting on Monday but the thought that I got laid that weekend was the only consolation I had but I still had to figure out who the mystery lady under the covers was. I got out of bed on time and after my early morning rituals, I began my drive to work.

I arrived at work some minutes early so I decided to complete some work that was left undone the previous week because I didn’t have my laptop with me. The next person to arrive was Alex; he began to laugh hysterically, I had a feeling his source of amusement was my behavior at the bar on Friday. He began to explain what happened that night to me when he was done laughing and I also found it funny, according to him, I got drunk and tried to jump from one table to another claiming I had the super powers of Spiderman. The laughter continued for a while then Dami and Ben walked in, apparently my adventures that night was already broadcasted to them so they joined in and laughed at me, we continued talking till the ladies walked in and all of a sudden a breeze of awkwardness came in with them. Although they also laughed at me but their body language was saying something different, Kofo seemed to be avoiding me but I wasn’t sure why she was doing this. Cynthia was her normal self and kept insulting me as usual, we had to get to work before the boss came walking by to meet us laughing, as I sat at my desk trying to compare my reports for the previous week with that of other weeks to determine a trend analysis of the network, I received a text message from an unknown number.

Excerpts from the message:

“I had a good time with you on Friday but I’ve been waiting for you to call me so I decided to be proactive and text you instead, I hope I’m not being too forward and pushy but I just wanted to check up on you. Have a lovely week.


I was clueless as I stared at my phone. I couldn’t remember most of the things that happened that night so I decided to talk to Alex about it maybe he could refresh my memory a little bit. As I walked to his desk, I felt a tap from behind and when I turned, I saw Cynthia staring at me with so much intensity in her eyes, I asked if she was alright and all she said was that she needed to talk to me immediately, I had a feeling it was one of her usual pranks so I asked her to give me a minute that I had something to discuss with Alex urgently. Alex was busy being a hoe by chatting up with girls on his phone as usual, he was known for his cocky behavior and being the asshole of the office but I was the new contender for that position due to recent events.

“Do you’ve any idea if I met anybody new at the bar on Friday?” I asked inquisitively.

“Yeah you did, Brenda. I’m still wondering what you were saying to her that made her laugh so much, she seemed to enjoy you company all night before I took off” He said sardonically. I thanked him and walked back to my desk, I noticed that Kofo had been unusually quiet since she got into the office so I decided to talk to her to find out if everything was alright.

She had a smile on her face as usual as I walked up to her desk, there was something different about her, her eyes were sad. She was trying to conceal whatever was wrong with her by smiling excessively but for some reason, I could see through the façade. I was cut short before I could say a word by a phone call she received and she seemed really eager to receive it so I had to excuse her but she walked out of the office instead and went to the restroom to receive the call. I walked back to my desk and was confronted by my own dilemma of what to do about Brenda, should I call her back? What would I say? Was she mystery lady under the sheets? I was busy racking my brain for an answer when my train of thoughts was derailed by the appearance of Cynthia in front of me, she seemed so serious and I had a feeling this wasn’t about a prank. The next question from her mouth cut me unaware and left me in awe:

“Why did you leave my place on Saturday without calling me since then?” she asked with so much intensity. I was confused, a part of me was secretly wishing the mystery lady was Brenda; the last person on my mind was Cynthia even though I’ve been sexually attracted to her for a while. I was clueless and speechless, I searched my brain for an answer but I couldn’t find any, I just sat there like a clueless prostitute that just got duped. She stared at me continuously and when she noticed that I wasn’t going to say anything, she said:

“I wasn’t expecting you to cuddle me in the morning, it was purely physical to me and all I needed in return was just a phone call or message from you.” I was finally able to conjure a reply and said:

“I’m so sorry about what happened. It wasn’t intentional”. I went on to explain to her that I rushed out of the apartment and I didn’t remember what happened from that night. Surprisingly she understood and told me that it was okay that she has been in my shoes before, I was glad to get such a smooth reply and I felt glad that things weren’t going to be awkward. Since Cynthia was the “amebo” of the office, I decided to ask her if she knew what was going on with Kofo, from Cynthia’s “ameboism”, I was able to know that Kofo was having boyfriend issues and she wanted to be alone for a while. I could say I didn’t care because the only thing going through my mind was if I could get lucky again and get laid by Cynthia before she turned to me and said:

“Kofo likes you a lot and I honestly do not see what she sees in you so you better get your shit together and do something about that.” I was surprised as I heard this, I thought everything couldn’t get more complicated than it was already. As I thought about this new piece of information I just got, Kofo walked back into the office and our eyes met, I could feel the sadness filled within and I had a feeling that I was the only one that could take away that pain.



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Nice one. I can't wait 2 read d next episode. so eager 2 know what is on board ooooo

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