Broken: Episode 17

“Do you still want me?”

I asked frantically. Hoping for a positive answer from Brenda. Anymore rejection would drive me into a complete state of depression. She delved into a deep thought and soon surfaced and told me she didn’t see any reason why we couldn’t try to make things work and be together, we both made mistakes and we both want to make it up to one another. Hearing those words made me feel better, I knew I still had her love, but she told me I would have to get over Kofo for things to work well and this seemed to be a difficult feat. I told her I would do everything to get over her but in my mind I knew it wasn’t going to be as easy as I made it seem.

Her face brightened up with a little smile and she made her way into my arms to cuddle me then she told me she knew I was really tired so she was going to get into the kitchen to make something for me to eat really quick, I was going to object but she told me she wasn’t going to take no for an answer. I smiled and told her I will be waiting for her delicious meal. I sat in the living room alone surrounded with an ocean of my thoughts, trying to place everything that had happened to me but I knew I had to let go of them because I have a woman that really wants me and is willing to do anything to make it work and keep me.

After some minutes, I decided to go and keep Brenda company in the kitchen just to keep myself from sitting alone and over thinking every single situation. She was happy to see me and beamed with a huge smile on her face, she pulled me closer and planted a long kiss on my lips before she asked me to have a taste of the chicken stew she was making for me, it tasted really good and I couldn’t wait to have it with some pasta. We stayed in the kitchen together as she cooked, gisting and recounting how work had been treating us recently.

The food was ready and she served it in one plate so we could eat together. The night was turning out much better than I imagined. We played with each other as we ate and kissed at different intervals. She wanted me to stay the night but we both had to be at work early the following morning so I had to leave later and begin the long drive home. The good part was that traffic had reduced so it was a smooth ride, I got home and the first phone call I got was from Brenda, she wanted to check if I was home already, we went on to talk for about one hour and we kept cracking each other up. It felt like we just met for the first time.

Everything felt new and better, I totally forgot about how unhappy I felt the whole day, I told her I was going to spend the next night at her place and we should plan on going out to perform an activity together that coming weekend. This made her really happy and I could almost hear her inner child scream with joy, we spoke for a few more minutes then she told me to take a cold shower then head to bed so I could get refreshed and better for the following day. It felt so good to have someone care about my well being so much, I felt loved and I wasn’t going to do anything to f!*k this up again. I said my goodnight to her and told her I couldn’t wait to see her the following night.

I slept like a baby and woke up feeling really good with myself; I jumped in the shower and got ready for work on time. Put on one of my best shirts, got in my car and drove my jolly self to work as I felt so ecstatic. Got to work and it was the usual routine of trying to do my work on time so I could leave the office on time, but this time around it was good to feel happy again. As usual, Alex got in after me then Cynthia, Dami and Kofo. Everybody seemed to have work pending on their desk so they all went ahead and delved into their various activities instead of the usual chit chat that occurs. We all worked till it was time for the lunch break and the atmosphere in the office was so saturated that we all decided o go have lunch together.

I had no problem with this so I went ahead with them, we all got to the restaurant and got a group table, ordered our food and kept making jokes and gisting as we were waiting for the food to come. After several banters, they all turned their attention to me and asked what I had planned for the bachelor’s party, I laughed and told them there was still more than enough time to do all the necessary planning so they shouldn’t worry so much about it. Alex then went on to talk about how he was more sociable than me and he would definitely plan a better bachelor party than me, I ignored him at first but finally acknowledged his claim just to get him to shut the hell up.

Our orders finally came and we had a nice lunch before we all went back to the office to complete our respective duties. I was the first person to complete my work and told them I was going to leave the office early today again. Every other person didn’t seem to have an issue with that except Kofo. She came to my desk as I packed up for the day and asked if everything was cool with us, I said yes with a huge smile on my face. I went ahead to tell her there was a woman in my life that was making me really happy at the moment and I was on my way to spend the evening with her. Hearing those words left Kofo in a sad state, I could see it but I didn’t really care. A part of me wanted to stand up and hug her and tell her she was the only woman I needed in my life but I had to remind myself that she was engaged and there was a woman waiting for me to do everything to make me happy. I stood up from my seat, said goodbye and didn’t look back.



mbah chinwe's picture

Interesting, but too short 4 an episode

dydamsel's picture

Nyc 1 kip it up

oyinwaad's picture

Interesting!,next episode pleaseeeee

Jessy jags's picture

Dear admin,please don't wait too look before u paste d next episode and please try and make it long so we can really enjoy it or if possible u can paste all d episodes dat are remaining. D story is really going as I want thanks

endure's picture

pls admin always try ur best to make it long a little bit cus is just too short. any way i reall enjoted id tanx. hoping 4 the next episode pls make it fast. u are gud.

lisa's picture

Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Episode 18 plsssssss

cheri barbie's picture

Still going round d circle wit his women tins. Nawa o. 9ice story but is taking much tym. Can't wait 4d next episode, pls bi kind 2make it longer.

yettylizzy's picture

Hmmmm! Great job admin don't let the next episode be late as this one, too much suspense. Can't wait.....

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This is awesome, please, how can I get the full series?

Justice's picture

Interesting! Can't wait 4 d next episode

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Nice one,keep it up..waiting for next episode.

joy's picture

Nice one can't wait 4 d next episode

kay's picture

Dis is too short for an episode

jay's picture

The episodes r short n making the whole thing too long

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Vry interested pls try and make it long small tanx

john's picture

I love the story line...

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I can't wait to see the next episode

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