Broken: Episode 11

I woke up the next morning smiling as I stared at the beautiful woman lying next to me; I kissed her on her forehead which woke her up. I told her I had to leave because I had to be at work early that morning because I had some work pending from the following day but I would love to have lunch with her later in the day, she was happy to hear this and told me to give her a call with the location and time.

I dressed up and stepped out of her apartment feeling like a new man, I drove hurriedly to my apartment, got ready for work and was in the office on time to pay attention to my work. The first person to arrive at the office was Cynthia who walked straight to my desk as she came in to confront me about my failure to call her yesterday as I promised, I didn’t want to tell her I went on a date that led to me getting laid so I just lied I slept off because I was really tired. She believed me and said we had to talk about it now since it wasn’t time for the office to resume anyway, I couldn’t say no so I decided to give her a listening ear.

To my surprise, she was unaware Kofo and I kissed, she wanted to talk to me about how Kofo’s boyfriend was treating her and if I had any advice I could give her since Kofo looked up to me, I told her I already told her what to do but Kofo is in love with him and love is stronger than anything I know, the only way Kofo can leave him is if she decides to leave, nobody can influence her decision, I said. Cynthia said that wasn’t true, according to her, the only person that could influence Kofo’s decision was me and that I need to step up to the plate and take her away from that guy, I wasn’t surprise Cynthia was talking this was since what we had was purely physical.

I decided not to tell her about the kiss because I believe Kofo should be the one to tell her that if she chooses to, I told Cynthia I was going to talk to Kofo later in the today and that I'd tell her how it went, she felt better and happy, and has she left my desk, she turned and said

“Well till you figure out what’s going to happen with you & Kofo, our arrangement still stands”

I wasn’t bothered about this so I just smiled and said okay. As she walked to her desk, Alex, Dami and Kofo walked into the office, it was a normal day as usual and everything was going well until I received a text message from Kofo asking to see me if we could talk during lunch, the message reminded me immediately that I already promised Brenda lunch that day so I called her immediately and asked her to meet me at my favorite lunch restaurant by noon then I replied Kofo telling her I couldn’t do that because I was going to be busy and she didn’t reply me again.

Lunch time came and when I got to the restaurant, Brenda was already waiting for me. I was happy to see her again and as I sat beside her, she welcomed me with a kiss. We sat and talk about how our days were going before we made our order and had a nice afternoon before returning back to work, I told her I may have to work late for my boss that night but I would call her if my plans changed, she understood and gave me a big hug before she entered her car and drove off.

By the time I got back to the office, Kofo was the only one back. I couldn’t avoid her now so I just walked to my desk and pretended to be busy with something and like I thought, she walked up to my desk and said we have to talk about the previous day. I told her I was all ears and she began to explain to me about how much she loves her boyfriend and how they’re having a tough time in their relationship because they hit a rough patch, she went on further to explain that what happened with me was a mistake because she was in a vulnerable state and she hopes I can understand. I just smiled and told her it was alright and everything was okay, she smiled reluctantly and walked back to her desk. I couldn’t let everything end that way so I walked to her desk and said to her with a smile on my face:

“You deserve all the happiness in the world and you deserve someone to make you feel like his princess and to fill every corner of your heart with joy, I’m sorry but your boyfriend isn’t doing that and I know you’re really smart so I know you believe that you deserve better than the treatment you’re getting at the moment. You deserve better Kofo, you really do”

I left her looking surprised and confused then went back to my desk to finish my work to avoid working late that night. The day went on and by the end of our working hour, I was able to finish everything I was doing so I gave Brenda a call and asked if she had anything she was doing for the night, her plan was to sit at home watching movies till she fell asleep, it seemed like a good idea to me so I asked if I could come over and she was really happy to say yes.

After work, I went to my place and had a change of cloth before heading over to Brenda’s place. I got to her place on time and as she opened the door, she jumped on me excitedly, I sat on the sofa and she went to get the popcorn and drinks for the movies, she turned down the lights and put in the first movie of the night: Crazy Stupid Love, I knew the movies she was interested in were chick flicks but I didn’t mind so far I got to spend time with her.

We were halfway into the movie when I got a call on my phone, it was Kofo calling. I was reluctant at picking it up but I finally did. She was weeping profusely on the phone, I couldn’t hear what she was saying in-between her tears, I had to calm her down and asked her to tell me what happened, apparently she broke up with her boyfriend and it didn’t go so well and she couldn’t be alone now, in my mind I was thinking about why she called me, she could have easily called any of her other friends or even Cynthia, Why me?!

I decided to stop thinking and told her I was coming over. All this while, Brenda just sat and was looking at me carefully, I turned to her when I was done with the call and explained that a friend needed my help and I couldn’t say no and I would do everything to come back as soon as I was done, she smiled and told me it was okay. I walked out and got into my car and as I drove over to Kofo’s place, I couldn’t help but think about why she called me, if I was a mistake to her, why was she so bothered about what I think about her? I kept thinking as I drove to her place.



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Pls, wen is d next episode coming.can't wait

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Hmmmm! Need to know more please

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Man diz is gettn more n more interestyn can't wait 4 wat happns @ kofo's place........

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9ice plz stop kipin us in suspence

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hmmmm, seems dis guy is going to loose both of them if care is not taken(brenda nd kofo)

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Hmmmm, nice series

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Dis series is so interesting..can't wait 4 d next episode.I tink d guy will be in a hell of trouble soon....gud work Admin

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Hmmmmm dis serious.I fink I like Brenda but kofo is fool 2 stay with a guy d@ treats her like trash when she nos she deserves d best#fuck love o#

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Nice one.....buh m thinking brendah is the one kofos gonna go back to her boyfriend...

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Dis guy will be in trouble soon....

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nice 1...becomin mre suspicious

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criously.. Dz serie iz amazin!!!
Bravo admin!

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I love this one, it is quite interesting

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pls stop d suspense nd post @least every 3days......nice series

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Its' really nice....wn is da next episode

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Brenda is the main chick but Cynthia will get pregnant I think

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Nice1, weldon. Hmnnnn! Hun hun hun... I am guessing Kofo is d true love.. Bt lemme wait nd c how d story goes.

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Enjoying ur series 26678fa4 my pin will luv 2 chat

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I love dis.....cnt wait 4 d next episode

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Dou I've nt bn followin buh its interestin, can't wait 4 d nxt episode, 9ce work

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Nice one,but I think this is the shortest episope

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Next episode pls

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