Broken: Episode 12

As I drove to Kofo’s apartment, I kept thinking about the event that took place the last time I was there but I tried my best to derail that train of thought so I can be a good friend and console her properly. After a long drive, I got to Kofo’s apartment and after knocking twice, she opened the door and hugged me, I wasn’t so surprised because she needed company and comfort so I whispered in her ear that everything will be okay and hugged her tightly. She finally let go of me and we moved over to the sofa to sit down, she explained to me that everything started with an argument, she told him she wanted to be treated better and he told her that she isn’t worth is time anymore and said he was done with the relationship and stormed out.

I tried calming her down but she just kept sobbing, I moved closer to her and drew her into my arms, her head was laid on my chest and she could hear the steady beating of my fragile heart. I knew how broken she was feeling and nothing I could say would make her feel better, once again her beautiful smile had disappeared. I was consumed by anger and wanted to rip her ex’s head off for putting her through such emotional stress, she chilled comfortably in my arms and was quiet, there was an uncomfortable silence in the living room so I decided to crack a joke about the paint on the wall and she scoffed a little, I brought up random topics just to take her mind away from her present condition and it seemed to be working, she forced a smile occasionally and before I knew it, she was laughing gently.

Everything was going well till we heard a knock on the door, she stood up to open the door and to her surprise, it was her ex. He came back to beg but when he saw me sitting in her living room, a screw went loose in his head and he went mad, he lifted his voice at her and called her a whore, saying it wasn’t even up to a day and she already had a new guy in her apartment, I couldn’t take it anymore, I was raving mad with the way he was treating her, Kofo just stood trying to explain herself amidst tears, I walked up to him and told him to reduce his voice and he was wrong with the way he was treating her, I tried to explain that I was just a friend but before I could complete my sentence, he lodged a punch towards me, my reflex was quick to react but not quick enough as his fist graved the side of my cheek slightly, I retaliated with a right jab to his jaw and before I could complete my second attack, Kofo held me with all the strength she had in her and begged me to stop, apparently he was an asthmatic patient and couldn’t handle much stress, he didn’t try to throw any more punches as he recovered from my jab, he just stared at me and walked out of the apartment hurriedly.

She turned to me, touched my cheek and noticed I had a small cut on my cheek due to his incomplete punch, she told me she didn’t feel safe staying in her place for that night and wanted to leave immediately, I could take her to an hotel to stay for the night but leaving her alone wasn’t an option, I told her to pack a small bag and get in the car and we would make a decision as we drive away. Since Cynthia was her friend, that was the best place she could stay for the night but all attempts to reach Cynthia on a mobile phone proved futile. She had no one else she could call so the last option was to take her to my place, she felt more comfortable with the thought of staying over at my place.

I had to think of what to tell Brenda since I promised her I was going to make it back to her place on time, how am I going to explain the cut on my face, I decided to cross that bridge when I get there, for now I have to figure out what’s going to happen with Kofo. The drive to my apartment wasn’t so long since there wasn’t any traffic on the road, she settled in and I showed her the guest bedroom where she was going to spend the night, not so long after I got in, my phone rang and it was a call from Brenda, I wanted to ignore it but that might make her suspicious that something was wrong and I didn’t want to lie to her also so I picked it and told her I was going to be in her place in thirty minutes to explain properly, she was really understanding and said she would stay awake for me.

I explained to Kofo that I had to rush out to see someone and would be back so she would be alone for a while but she has no reason to be scared, she understood and told me not to stay out for too long because it was getting really late. As I walked out, she called me back and told me to wait; she said she couldn’t let me leave the house without treating the cut on my face to prevent it from getting infected. She asked if I had a first aid kit and luckily for me, there was one in the restroom, she went to get it and told me to sit down as she took care of the small injury, she touched my face gently and kept saying how sorry she was for what happened, her face was really close to mine as she cleaned my injury, she brought it closer and I could feel her warm breath on my skin, I turned my face slightly to look at her and our lips almost touched, our eyes locked and we kept staring at each other and before I knew what happened, I grabbed her head and kissed her, she kissed me back and refused to let go, she grabbed my neck to have a firm lock on my head and kissed me passionately, I was enjoying this too much to think and I was hoping in a corner of my mind that there would be a phone call to distract us.



Omo Alhaja's picture

Thumbs up

emma's picture

this episode nt interestin at aa pls improve it by addin suspense

sonia martha's picture

Its a nice one but A̶̲̥̅̊♏ not happy cause Ȋ̝̊̅t̶̲̥̅̊ ended wrongly

Samuel's picture

Is like a movie and a play boy in the middle.

omowunmi's picture

Having sex with d ladies is just what's in bayo's head we don't know d one he loves among them

frank chidi's picture

Quite intresting storry, bt ended wit no idea

PopB's picture

on the latest eppisoodes there are improvements to be made i hope admin will fix these things. The story is now to predictable, the spelling and grama is also off

glory aidoo's picture

So interestn just cnt stop readn

glowie's picture

Mmm lovn it cnt stop readn

mary's picture

Nice story.

hollymay's picture

Can't wait to have it all

williams cecilia's picture

Pls complete it in time is lik korea film

Abbas's picture

D story not bad ol am waitin 4 is wat makes him hate woman

Marvelous's picture

Nice story keep it up

holuworle's picture

Really waiting for d next episode. @ admin,thumbs up. @8tax,sit down and try to write smtin similar den u ll realize au ungratedful nd stupid u re. I am really enjoin dis and opin it cud continue evryday if possibu

musole's picture

Yeah...this time ain't all that......nd its short..we cn easily tell the dude is into brendah..
What's his name evn?

cassie angel's picture

Best story ever keep it up n kip me updated

gabriel's picture

Please I enjoyed every bit of it,just dat u guys need to make it look real and nt just framing up stories,pls I need more episodes.

lindiwe's picture

Like popB says,its getting too predictable, when suspense lasts too long,its annoying,you're doing a great work keeping us entertained, but seriously, up improve the remaining episodes, I love to follow your stories, but I also like them to be worth my time. Big uPs Admin

jane's picture

Nt rilly bad.....interestin

kateperry's picture

Wow!!! Wat α̲̅ fantastic nd fabulous story rilli enjoyed reading frm episode one- 11 bt 12 didn't make mch sense 2 me so pls cnt wait 4 d nxt episode ЪŦ's yet 2 b released

prof's picture

Ȋ̝̊̅ was enjoying it, but Di̶̲̥̅̊s̶̲̥̅̊ didn't mak much Ø̶̷̩̥̊͡Ƒ̶̷̩̥̊͡ Å̶̷̩̥͡ sence

chigirl's picture

More episodes pls,it is rather too slow,interesting though.

lovely's picture

Wowwww dat's interesting

Okpamen Endure's picture

lv dis

presh's picture

D story is owesome.buh epsode 12 was some how boring,pls more episode pls cnt wait

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Funmilayo Tobi's picture


lindiwe's picture

Hi admin, your ardent readers haven't read from you,hope you've not decided to quit writing because of the liitle comments here, being a writer earns you critics, it should help you better, know where you're lacking and improve on it. I'll appreciate it if you(admin) can communicate with your readers about when to expect your next post, we(your readers) enjoy your handwork that is why we continue, so pay us some regard.

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It a lovely story but don't seems to understand the story line really cos I don't know who he truely luvs.

idoko david's picture

Best intrestng story so enjoyng but am in suspen what hapen next?

Simple-D.'s picture

Admin plzz tell us wen ur dropin de nxt episode... We luv ur story so plzz try 2 communicate wit us..

aloma's picture

Intresting story so enjoyable

abrahamdebi's picture

Hahahha,like I said earlier this one is shorter,but wait oooo least I forget,''u know say u b ashawo"?

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Hi dear

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But u too cheat on ur on woman now?

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