Broken: Episode 2

I had a really shitty day and I am going to put the blame on every living creature that has a protruding growth on its chest known as breasts. I spent the entire day at work trying to figure out the way a woman’s mind works, I know that’s quite impossible but as interesting as they are, they’re also quite stupid. Women demand that they want to be treated like men; they want to have equal rights but refuse to bear the same responsibilities that a man does. That’s just pure undiluted stupidity right there, their responsibility lies in the kitchen and in the bedroom if they’re not so lazy.

Putting a woman on the helm of affairs in an organization is just a recipe for disaster, she’s like a time bomb waiting to explode when she’s under pressure, and brethren you don’t want to be in their cross-hairs when they’re on their period and need to make an important decision. A woman knows that she’s subservient and she will always be that way but the feminist in her won’t calm down and realize the reality that her job is to submissive to a man and he reciprocates by showering her with his love and affection. Self-proclaimed feminists are going to rise up and tag this as an insult to women but there will be more peace in the world if they just accept this one simple truth: WOMEN ARE SUBSERVIENT TO MEN.

Almost all the women in my office that hold superior positions all have the same problem: They are all single. After years of bagging several degrees, they’ve come to believe that they cannot be involved with any man ”inferior to them” and he needs to have at least a six figure salary. They don’t want to settle for an average man and that’s going to leave them single for a long time.

This all seems like a cry for help and a bad way to generalize women but I don’t really care about all that, I just want to fade out and disappear. I can taste this hatred for women in my tongue or that could just be the after taste of the ...

I submitted my query reply to my boss and concluded my work for the day before heading home, my apartment was a constant reminder of all the ladies that broke my heart but I couldn’t move out because I didn’t have the luxury of pouring money into a new apartment. I prepared something to eat but the loss of appetite took over me and I delved into my deep thinking process again, I was going to shut myself off from the world and live my life like a hermit. There’s so much more to life than trying to always impress these women that don’t deserve me.

Henceforth, I’m going to write down all these thoughts that flow through my mind in a journal of some sort and try to reflect on them. These words of mine might make no sense to some people but I find solace in those words and I hope they bring me the much needed comfort that I crave badly.



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You need to grow up, and leave the past in the past! Like how retarted can yòu get calling we women names! It's either you grow up of shut the hell up! We were not created to be mediocre, we do want our equal rights, there should be gender equality. It's not our fault you don't earn a six figure salary or have as many degrees as you should! And if those women left, you need to check yourself, have you asked yourself if your. Doing the right things, than generalizing hatred on all women.your acting as the victim, which sucks, have you tried to research how you so-called men break women's heart, and your voicing out shit! Don't be shallow!

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Amen to that!!!!!!

Ishaka Marisa's picture

Amen ride on girl

Double P's picture

The man has a point women can sometimes be a pain in ass, especially if someone u loved cheated on u, when it comes to salary...its bullshit!, its not about money if u love someone he does not have to be rich...

Bismark's picture

Women really are crazy ain't they

sharon's picture

I jst lost interest in ur write-up. How can u classify women in such a low manner? Do u know how many households are been held by women? Where are the men? U feel threatened by woman who knows how to differentiate from their left from right. U are talking like men from the 19th century cos pple like u exist no more or are very few.the fact that u are broke ass doesn't mean everyone wants to be like u not even women. U say women like money, what about men? Don't dey like pretty girls? If u don't like pretty girls u would settle for women ur level. U like women wit d nice hair do and u feel threatened? Guy go get a life. Build and develop urself and u will be respected by women.

pharida's picture

Yorubaz sae, "obe to dun owo lo paa" luk here Mr Man, u can't jst come here n spit fire on all women, calln us stupid, u want d clean sexy 1nz, d beautiful n classy, n on d long run u don't treat dem rt, they leave u mehn, u don't xpect dem 2 stay n watch dier friends do big things, get out dere n hustle 4 dat paper, get real rich n c if d gal of ur dreamz don't stay n bsyds its nt all abou d moni bro, u av 2 shower dat love n affection, uve gat 2 b kidding me! 2956c999

Erica's picture

Reading through d first episode I felt like commenting then I just brush it off,but now am force to,if u say u hate women generally that should include ur mother,sisters nd every female folk ur sure next step iz to b gay so that u would bleam ur evil act on what women did to u before u sounding fustrated nd confuse,with those names u tag women with,there are many men who have made some ladies life misrable.I will advice u 2 get a life nd stop being a retard

Ruth's picture

The nigga jst fucked himself up wit a gold digger and he wanna blame it on oda gals..... Dude, get a LIFE..... Its dudes lyk u dat fall in love, get married and do up to 75 yrs wedding anniversery... Dnt blame it on odas..... Beta go find an answer to ur problem cux I know u gt one.

blessing's picture

Jst 4get d psast and move on

Dawn's picture

What are u? 10yrs? U are full of crap! If u expect women to serve men, don't expect us to work or bring anything home. Women don't need the likes of u anyway. Worse things happens to both genders so grow up!

blackwizzy's picture

Pls all woman ar nt d same so liv d past nd move on with life cus ºU̶̲̥̅̊º° dnt know 2moro

dstreet's picture

It really sucks that you find girls this way, anyway some days are like that and I think some girls may find guys the way you just find girl, good luck. Add My pin 2947CED9, thank you

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Sharon thank you very much...u just gave him the perfect answer...well to add up..)Those heart breaks were preparing u for a better woman...but u should learn how to control ur emotions..towards girls...dude get something els to write abt bcus dis story is FUCKED UP...

frank's picture

My guy just made a very correct illustration. Women can be very frustrating.

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Nyc1 dearie,love d write up.......add me up on 29abc292

tee's picture

I initially didn't wanna say anything, but how dare you man or boy or watevr u are! Because I'm certain a sane man wudnt spew such nonsense u call write up. And stop being livid about the past, evryone's got them. Do u knw how many women are breadwinners of their families? Do u knw hw strong an average woman is? From child bearing to catering for the family! How dare you boy? How dare you? You need to honestly grow up. Like how old are you anyway?


its tru some women ar d bread winners of d family so b mindful of d wods u use against them


My Man Made A Clear Illustration Women Can B Frustrating

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