Broken: Episode 20

The only thought that kept recurring in my mind was the fact that Kofo was about to leave and I might lose her forever. This might be the perfect love that I deserve after so much heartbreak. I could let her go and search for someone else but I also deserve a shot at happiness, we clearly make each other happy and there’s a lot of complication involved. My calls and texts to her weren’t replied; I guessed her fiancé was keeping a close watch on her. I wasn’t so sure of what I was going to say anymore, I already poured out my heart to her and I got a black eye as a result of that. I decided to send one last text to her

"It’s just...I look at you and see the kind of person I want to share my life with. And I know I probably sound crazy but I’ve never been able to look at someone the way I look at you. You’ve become the beat to my heart. It’s an enigma when you fall in love and accept that some good things never last. Suddenly, you’ll begin to see yourself as nothing. It’s an agony to accept that despite the feelings you have, it’s all not enough. But when you love someone as much as I love you, you would do the hardest thing. And yes, it’s not going to be easy, but at least you know that what you felt was real. "

Moments later, I heard my phone ring and I was so excited to answer until I realized it was Cynthia calling, I didn’t answer the first time because I assumed she was calling to apologize for the umpteenth time. But she kept calling so I decided to answer and end her misery but before I could say anything, she cut me short.

"Where are you?" She asked with so much intent in her voice.

"I’m at a friend’s place." I said.

"You need to get to the airport immediately, Kofo just sent me a message to say goodbye, I guess she and Bayo are leaving for Abuja earlier than expected. You need to go there and convince her not to leave." I was dumbfounded for some few seconds before I finally spoke out and told her I’m heading there now to do and say everything possible to Kofo.

I believed I still had enough time since her request for a transfer wasn’t approved yet but one factor I failed to remember was Kofo’s aunt, a manager in the bank and she was going to help Kofo process the request. How could I have been so stupid? Now I’ve just limited time to make her mine and the risk of getting another black eye but that wasn’t a big deal when it came to matters of the heart.

Since I slept off at Brenda’s place, I spent the night on her couch. I had to inform her that I was leaving and this might be my last time in her place if all goes according to plan, she wished me good luck, we hugged and said our goodbyes.

I got into my car and began the drive to the airport that was on the other part of town, I kept praying for a minimal amount of traffic on the road and God seemed to be answering my prayer as I drove on. As I drove, I kept thinking of what would happen if Kofo rejects me after all these. What if she sees me as just an infatuation? What if the feelings aren’t mutual? Is this drive worth it? I had to cut all these negative thoughts out of mind and give myself a little morale boost by turning up the music that was playing on the stereo.

The drive was going smooth till it took an ugly turn, some few blocks to the airport; I approached a traffic light and stopped when it turned red. The traffic light was taking way too long to turn green, I could feel the impatience growing in me then it finally turned green after some few seconds but the driver in front of me was on the phone and wasn’t paying any attention to the light.

I kept honking my horn for him to move but he just pretended like he couldn’t hear anything. I decided to reverse a little so as to get to the other lane and keep driving to the airport. My attempt to do this was cut short when a trailer coming with full speed trying to beat the traffic light rammed into me. I felt the car tumble and somersault several times before it finally got to a stationary position. I lost consciousness.

Blood everywhere, as I opened my eyes. I was wondering how I could still be alive. God must really love me. I could hear the voices of people trying to get into the car to rescue me but surprisingly I could hear the siren of emergency medical services approaching, I couldn’t feel anything but pain. After a careful procedure by the first responders, I was brought out of my car that was completely totaled and carried into the ambulance with a stretcher. The last thing I could remember was the doors of the ambulance closing as I lost consciousness again.



hayor's picture

getting more nd more interesting

christy's picture

Bayo leave Kofo n' face u wn't end up loos'n 2 of dem.plz,I dey feel 4 u,ehn.

ola's picture

Bayo get well soon and let the next episode be release and if bayo doesn't get well soon someone shld pls voluntiar to act bayo for us to progress to next episode

waleszy's picture

Wow!bayo woman wilnt kill u o!!nxt episode pls

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I’ve learn some just right stuff here. Definitely value bookmarking for revisiting. I surprise how much attempt you put to make one of these excellent informative site.

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I guess u don't deserve kofo, Brenda is der 4 u.

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This is taking too long,waiting for the next episode nao..

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Episode 21?? ASAP please.

happiness's picture

When is the next episode coming out dis is taking too long nah

kay's picture

U need to make ach episode longer. Its too short for us to read.

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Interesting...waitin 4 d nxt episode

Lisa's picture

Ahhhhhhhhhhh! Sumbody,anybody. Help me dis episode is 2 shot,bt u re gud

kaubih's picture

What will happen next bayo....

priceless's picture

OMG Bayo! Pls jst leave madame Kofo oooooo heh! Pls hurry up and get welll an complete the story joor! (Wink!)

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Plz admin make it abit longer nxt tym

bukola's picture

These will be very,waiting for the next episode

goddy's picture

I love dis apisode, but its too short. I can't wait for episode 21

vivian's picture

Yea short nd interestin story indeed... Nxt episode pls

deedee's picture

Haba, is it next year that episode 21 is going to com out. Na waoh.

nujiri's picture

Next episode please

jeree's picture

Boyo dear please forget the blind kofo and give the love you have for her to brenda

gershom's picture

You are really good man... Reading ur stories kinda make me see myself better. Please, keep up the good work.

adejoju's picture

When are we getting the next episode now

mariam's picture

Interesting bt short,cnt wait 4 d next episode

floxy's picture

Please when is the nxt episode coming out???

deedee's picture

Next episode plsssssssss

ab2's picture

Pls next episode. I jst thnk you dont deserve any good relationship. What are u pursuing kofo for when Brenda has voluntarily accepted all ur nemesis. Do u really thnk kofo loves you like you will get frm Brenda. Im afraid you will lose a good person in a bid pursuing your shadow. See u next episode

great's picture

this almst a month later. whatsup guys?

ishie great's picture

Hope u guess haven't given up

helen's picture

Wats wrong,y is it tkin 4ever b4 episode 21 is bin released abi una wnt us 2 fry egg 4 una b4 una release am?Haba dis is tkin 2 long joor

dydamsel's picture

Dis ur accident nawa oooh re u stil unconscious pls get well nd complete d story tired of waiting

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Timmy's picture

It's been almost a month now. How can I contact the admin, pls?

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Hmmm.....can't wait for the next episode

princess's picture

Na serious matter,I want 2 kno d end of d story oo.pls next episode

reals's picture

I beg too much suspense is bad oooooO pls let read on bayo kofo does not wat's good 4 her allthough u self na badooo

Nneka's picture

Ur goin to be in for a big surprise,Kofo has been using you,even her supposed fiancee is another pawn in the game.... give ur readers suspense. And intrigue

Emmy's picture

Is it me or is dis a noolywood movie...dis is getting frm been good 2 been not good n boring...hey Admin no mata wat Bayo must not get kofo...if he does den dis story/nollywood movie sucks...

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21 pls

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Ha'ah episode 20 uptill now?

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Interesting! Pls continue the story.

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Episode 21 neva reach 2 cme out,I'm gett'n piss'd pls,Bayo get well soon 4 ma sake,I nid see wayrin dey appen next plz...

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So hw lng r we waitng 4 epso 21

cheri barbie's picture

I'm guessing kofo won't leave.

kazanova's picture

Is it bayo's unconsiousness that's holdin' episode 21??? Pls someone slap him out of it. Abi if he hav die make una kukuma tell us ni. Admin #dorosnail# o

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wen iz d nxt episode comin's always 2 lng o.i hope bayo gets brenda

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Guyz... Wots happ ooooo... Its over a month

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Wat is happening were is the next epiSode


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