Broken: Episode 5

Stubbornness and persistence seemed to be the perfect words to describe Kofo, as we exited the office she made it known that she wanted to be in my car for the drive to the cinema. My only problem with this was the fact that she was going to start one awkward conversation or the other, I couldn’t object because I was trying to make up for how mean I was to her earlier.

We got into my car and began the drive to the cinema with Alex & Cynthia driving behind us in Alex’s car, the first ten minutes was filled with silence which I enjoyed, we were another twenty minutes away from the cinema when Kofo turned and asked with all the seriousness in the world written boldly on her face “Who hurt you?”

I was speechless and I tried to talk after a while but I just decided to ignore and pretend like I didn’t hear her talking to me. We arrived and parked at the cinema then walked in to check the movies showing for the night, I wasn’t really interested in whatever choice they made, the only thing on my mind was making up for my annoying act at the office earlier. I took a walk away from the ticketing counter and as I turned, the sight of who I saw gave me a mini heart attack, standing in front of me was the first woman to ever break my heart; Kemi.

She stared at me with so much fear in her eyes, her body language depicted the fact that she wanted the ground to open up to swallow her and spit her out in another part of the continent. I decided to make the situation less awkward by saying “Hi” with a smile on my face, there was a little bit of tension but I was trying my best not to loose it, after a series of questions that I didn’t care about, I realized that she was meeting a friend there to see a movie. We said our goodbyes and as I turned back to meet Alex and the others, I met Kofo’s eyes fixed on me with so much intensity. I felt myself sinking into that pit of depression as all the thoughts of me and Kemi came rushing back to me, my heart was already familiar to this feeling, I wanted to be left on my own but I didn’t want to be the person that was an asshole during the day and a jerk at night.

As I pondered on what to do, Kofo walked up to me with a smile on her face and said: “If I can see pain in your eyes then share with me your tears, you’ve been hurt; you need to be happy again”

She handed me my movie ticket, turned and walked away. I was left in awe of how well she read me and all I could do was just walk behind her as we all marched into the cinema hall to take our seats.

The one hour and fifty minutes of the movie was spent thinking about the statement Kofo made to me, there was something special about this girl but I was uncertain about what it was, by the time the movie came to an end, I was still busy trying to come out of my shell of depression. Inebriation seemed to be a good idea and that was my one and only solution to this "down-casted" feeling that was taking over me. We all decided to go out for drinks at a bar close by before heading home. Alcohol wasn’t a friend to my metabolic system but I opted for it just to feel better.

The night went by fast as I cuddled my bottle of Vodka with a glass by my side, I was intoxicated and really hyperactive, the only thing I can remember is me being chatty with everybody at the bar especially a really cute lady that found my company interesting, she was meant to meet with a friend that stood her up so I was her entertainment for that night and the rest is a blur.

The following morning, I woke up in a room that didn’t look familiar and a bed that felt more comfortable than mine, as I came out of my drunken slumber, I looked under the sheets to find myself naked and lying next to me was a female body that was also naked. I didn’t know what to make of this but one thing was sure, I got laid last night, I wanted to get out of the apartment as soon as possible and as I dressed up hurriedly, I felt the urge to raise the covers a little bit and look at the face of the woman that was bestowed with such a lovely body but a part of me wanted it to remain a mystery so I left.

Parked outside the apartment was my car, a part of me was happy to find it there and another part kept wondering how I was able to drive or if the mystery woman was the one that drove, the keys were left in the ignition so I jumped in and began my drive home. I wasn’t sure of where I was but I was able to navigate my way home thanks to the Maps application on my phone. As I drove home, I had a feeling that something that was going to change my life just happened, it could have been the sweet realization of getting laid or it was just the fact that this was the best weekend I’ve had in a while.



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Plssss hw long does it tak 4 a new episode??? I can't wait...... Pls episode 6 ooooooo

apache's picture

O men nawa 4 d guy common woman take de frustrate his life eh?.E sweet sha,I de wait 4 season 6 oooo

mlaw's picture

Pls there are many intrested readers episode pls

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A week is always far 4 dis,so interestin

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Pls can u make dis series a daily series?

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Nice story

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Oh my God,It was so much interesting

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Dat was very interesting story can't wait to read d end

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Breathtaking,can't wait.

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Very intersting,can't wait 2 read it all.

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Nice one

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At last, a green light of happiness is gradually hitting on the way of our friend. Nice story line

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Omg! I dnt feel lyk stoping! Kudos Ɣoü õõº°°ºõõ (waiting 4 nxt episode)

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Nice one

Daniel's picture

This should be released daily, its nice and one can't help but look fgoward to the next series, good job admin

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Keep it up admin, sooooooo interestin

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Wooow!! Next episode please, I really love this...

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Nice one!!

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The idea of ur story is interesting and stimulating making your readers want more. Keep it up, may ur fountain of ideas continue to flourish as you keep us entertained.

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An interesting one. Pls, wch day of the week do release each episode?

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So so interesting

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I'm a very good story writer and a funny hilarious joke composer. Reach me on 08169212757 or 32EC7D3A. Thanks

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Getn addicted already *shrugs*

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Am enjoying dis...keep it up

Eromon Godsave's picture

Lvely story line and good grammatical implimentation.....its does inspirational!

Ariel's picture

Naija.. We must always be Nigerians. Y start a story u can't finish.. Mtcheeeew

ollyjay's picture

The story Neva interest me if u peep refuse to release d next episode..the end is the end to any cinema.

Mercy's picture

Nice piece.... But 4 how long are we the viwers going 2 wait 4 the 6th episode? Ah! The wait has turrned in2 d 2nd coming of Christ ooo.

Ogechi babalawo's picture

Since una no wan release ep 6 I don start to dey prepare my juju...haba 4wks fa

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Y re u guys delayin, dats naija 4 u. Haba! 3wks it unfair

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Make una release ep 6 na.... I dey do juju oh!!!

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Re u guys out of story? Remember u don't start wat u can't anythg u do in life must maintain a high n good standard.

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An interesting piece! Held me captive all tru still waitng 4 episode 6

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Nice one so much intresting

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We all love this! We want more, if possible, daily.

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Women! Women! Women! That's what men will always say, of you me that my man got his ex pregnant bcus I was away to school.......let's advice each other and help each other......criticism won't help us all.........have a nice day

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Ur man must b a real shameless he-goat

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Love dis n wish to read d next episode

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I love dis nd I wnt more

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Episode 6 please. Been waiting all week

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Wow.. Dix ix xo intrestnnn... Reli nid 2 read da nxt episode... Nice Job deir

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Good job! So interesting! Kip it up.

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Keep it coming... Intresting!!!

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Nxt episode pls gettin tried of waitin 4 d wks episode....... nyc story

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Nawa o.. U no go release the next episode again

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Listen dear, u hate women, d feelins r mutual, 4 d series of insults u gve 2 women in ure episode 2, I jst ve 2 say 1 tin 2 u. It is beter 4 d devil 2 b mad at u, dan 4 a woman, cus. d impact culd b very intense. Ny way nice story line, best of luck 2 ure adventure, I knw ure gonna 4ll in love nyway. Dats wat we do. Ta tah.

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please, release d̶̲̥̅̊ nxt episode


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