Broken: Episode 7

The series of event that took place from that particular Friday night till this midday of Monday was one that was going to change my life indeed. I found out that I met a lovely lady at the bar that was into me, Cynthia & I had sex and Kofo was also into me. My emotions were torn into three different dimensions, one was interested in maintaining a physical relationship with Cynthia but a part of me was aware that it wasn’t going to end well; the second dimension was interested in testing the waters with Kofo, to find out what could come out of that, it could either be a joyful relationship or a heartbreak or both. I was still unaware of what was going to happen between me and Brenda so I am to keep a lid on that for the main time.

Lunch break came and everyone went to get themselves something to eat, I was really hungry but I noticed that Kofo didn’t leave her desk and it looked like she didn’t have any plan to do that so I decided to stop by her desk to talk, she was so deep in thought that she didn’t even notice me walk up to her desk and sat beside her, I called her name to get her out of her trance and she had sadness written all over her face. I faced her and said:

“A wise lady once said to me ‘If I can see pain in your eyes then share with me your tears, you’ve been hurt; you need to be happy again’ and she was very right about what she said. Tell me what’s going on with you”

She went on to explain to me that her boyfriend cheated on her for the second time and she loves him too much to break-up with him.

I wasn’t the best when it comes to dishing out relationship advice so I asked her when last she felt genuinely happy with him, and she was unable to give me an answer. According to her, the relationship has been on the edge of the cliff for a while but she was the only one holding on to it and making sure it doesn’t go off the cliff because he is her first love and she keeps telling herself that he can turn a new leaf even though he’s always doing something to hurt her, he has been avoiding her calls all day because she’s trying to talk to him to know what else they’re going to do, they had a big fight that weekend about him cheating and he denied the whole thing even though she saw messages from the girl on his phone by mistake.

I felt bad for her as she talked, I’ve never seen someone feel so much pain in them except for myself, I could relate to all what she was saying and I just wanted to hug her and tell her she’s too good for him and she deserves all the happiness in the world. She was trying her best to remain strong to hold back the tears as she spoke and the next thing I heard in my head was a voice that said “Hug this girl for Christ sake”, I moved closer to her and gave her a really tight hug, she held on to me and didn’t let go as I whispered into her ears:

“Everything will be alright, you’ve me now, you’ll be happy again. I promise you.”

We finally let go of each other and as our faces met again she was smiling, I felt fulfilled with myself, and I guess Cynthia was right even though she could be crazy sometimes.  I told her I was famished and was heading out to eat before the lunch break came to an end and she was going to accompany me, no excuses. A smile that looked like sunshine came across her face and she stood up to follow me, as we walked out of the office, a tall figure walked up to us and asked to speak to Kofo alone, I turned to her and from the look on her face, I could tell that this was her boyfriend, for a moment I felt like someone just snatched my most precious possession as she walked away to him but I wasn’t going to get myself depressed because I had a brief “romantic” moment with her, I brought out my phone as I walked away and dialed Brenda’s number, I guess I was left with my third dimension of emotion that was yet to be explored.



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Nice one

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Nice stroy,jt saw it.

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U people really have to be quick abt the next eppisode

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Abeg make una do. Me don start to get high BP for nxt episode

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Very interesting

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Plz be quick about d next episode,i cant wait o.its so romantic

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Nice one admin...can't wait for d next episode,abeg make am quick

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Dat was grt! Abeg more pin 2b5bfb44

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Nice, and weldon.... Waiting 4 d next epidodes.

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Gr8 work dis wk kip it up................interestin

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Somebody help me pls were can I c this books to buy, I love those articles so much. Add me up. Girls only 22ACB6D3 guys pls don't dear me cus u can't dupe me

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Nice article bro.... I luv it, waiting on d nxt episode plsssssssss

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Pleeeeeaaaasssseeee hurry and give us the next episode...I don't like suspense

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Nice 1 admin, ryt on tym. More greese 2 ur elbow

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Nice one man, waiting 4 more episodes....

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Dis guy is IN 4 it, I mean, hez indulgn himself in2 an anastomosis of emotions, I pray he falls on d rt gurl. 2956c999

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Pls be quick about the next episode

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Woow is lovly, can't wait to read d next episode...plssssssssss

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Next episode, please!

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