Broken: Episode 9

As I began my drive to Cynthia’s apartment, I contemplated turning back and saying No to this outrageous arrangement but a part of me liked it and wanted more. I remembered I promised Brenda a call to check up on her so I decided to fulfill my promise, I called her and she picked after two rings, she was really excited to hear from me and sounded like a teenager that was drunk in love. I told her how much I enjoyed her company and couldn’t wait to see her again, we decided to have another date when she got back into town from her trip, we said our goodbyes and I wished her a safe flight.

I arrived at Cynthia’s apartment as I dropped the phone, I walked up to her door and knocked, she asked who was at the door and I stupidly replied: “Officer Bayo reporting for booty call duty”. She laughed as she opened the door, I was amazed at how her night gown accentuated the curves on her body, I wanted to take her on the spot but I maintained a sane level of composure. I walked into her apartment and took a sit on the sofa, she offered me a drink but I already had enough with Brenda so I turned it down, she sat next to me and said to avoid any awkwardness, there’s no point having any small talk, she went further to tell me she was going to her room to get naked on the bed and she would be waiting for me, she smiled and bit her lips as she stood up and strut away. I knew this girl was trouble and I could runaway if I wanted to, I had two choices, to walk out the door or walk into her room, my conscience was conflicted but I didn’t really give a damn again, I had been through so much shit and having meaningless sex wouldn’t cause any harm to me so I opted for the second choice, I walked into her room and we had hot steamy sex before I wore my cloth like a cheap whore and drove back home.

The next day at work was so perfect, I was in a happy mood because everything was going on well for me, I had a woman that was falling for me and another one that wanted me for my body, I don’t really care about that but I’m good with it. I was expecting some form of awkwardness to creep into my professional relationship with Cynthia at work but nothing happened, she was the same mean Cynthia and I was comfortable with that.

It was a busy day as usual at work but I was happy to be there for the first time in a very long while. We all got our work done as usual and when it was time for lunch, I noticed Kofo wasn’t in the office. I asked where she was and Alex said she got a call some few minutes ago and went outside immediately, I had a slight feeling about who called her but it wasn’t any of my business. I went to the restaurant for my lunch when I noticed Kofo sitting with her boyfriend at the far right corner; I didn’t want to make my presence known so I took a sit far from them and signaled at a waiter to come take my order on time. I thought I was safe until I felt a tap on my shoulder, as I turned, Lo and behold it was Kofo standing behind me, and her face beamed up with her smile that felt like sunshine, I missed the smile and was really happy to see it. She went on to tell me she came to say Hi since we had not spoken since the day before, as she spoke, I looked behind her to see her boyfriend staring at me with so much intensity, I cut the conversation short so she could go back to him, I didn’t want him to redecorate my face with some punches. As I sat alone waiting for my food, I noticed she and her boyfriend changed their seat to the one not so far from me, their food came and as she ate, she kept looking up and our faces met, each time her face lit up with a smile, I wasn’t so comfortable with what was happening so I asked the waiter to put my food in a takeaway pack when it was ready because I had something important to do at the office, after another five minutes wait, my food was ready and as I walked out, I could feel her eyes trailing me. I tried to walk up to her to say goodbye but there was no point since I was going to see her soon in the office and I wasn’t so sure her boyfriend would respond well to my greeting so I left.

Lunch time came to an end and as Kofo entered the office, she walked up straight to me and said she didn’t like the fact that I left without saying goodbye, I tried to explain my actions but I just apologized instead, she smiled and said it was okay as she walked back to her desk. Not so long after that, I received a call from Brenda, her trip got cut short due to the fact that she finished her work on time, she asked if we could have our second date the following night, I was so ecstatic and said yes, I acted like a gentleman and asked for her address so I could pick her up when it was time, she sent it to me later and I knew this was going to end well. Minutes after my call, I got a text from Cynthia saying she would like me to come over after work; I didn’t have anything planned for that night so I agreed.

After a long and busy day at work, I drove home and took a cold shower and slept a little so I could have some strength in me before leaving for Cynthia’s apartment. I was glad I was having sex without any emotional entanglement but I knew I was going to end it soon if everything goes well with Brenda. All I hope for is for me not to f*!k it up.



Mercy's picture

Hmnnnn! Getting more interesting. Nice work.

fanta's picture

Good read indeed, I enjoy the suspense more than anything else

Donald's picture

Awesome.... Dat wuz brilliant admin!!! Keep it up nd pls can't wait for d nxt episode!! Bravo

omowunmi's picture

That crazy u re happy enjoying everything without knowing where it gonna lead to

Barbie's picture

Nice one Akpos

Simple-D.'s picture

This is really kul, wen is de nxt episode cumin?

pharida's picture

U don't knw wat ure gettn urself in2 man, trust me....2956c999

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