Stupid Blonde

A man was in his front yard mowing grass when his attractive blonde female neighbour came out of the house and went straight to the mail box.

She opened it, slammed it shut, and stormed back in the house.

A little later she came out of her house and again went to the mail box and again opened it, then slammed it shut again. Angrily, back into the house she went.

As the man was getting ready to edge the lawn, here she came out again, marched to the mail box, opened it and then slammed it closed harder than ever.

Puzzled by her actions the man asked her, “Is something wrong?”

To which she replied, “There certainly is! My stupid computer keeps giving me a message saying, “YOU’VE GOT MAIL!”



oluwafemi's picture

Hahahahahaha very funny, add me up fair girls only pls 22ACB6D3

pharida's picture

@ Oluwafemi,xo its only fair galz dat cn add u up, ure 1 of d pple dats makn dark skin galz bleach,aldo I aint dark, buh black is beautiful dear

solomina's picture

Pharida are u around abj?

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