Why do we cheat?

"Why do men cheat?"

I have heard this question a little too much and due to the disgust that comes from the majority of women who ask me this question like men are so evil, my immediate response is  "Who do men cheat with?"

Please don't give me the gay lecture.

We all know where the majority lies. Men cheat with women! And if men cheat as much and with as many women as women claim, and since we already deduced that men cheat majorly with women, then it can be argued that women cheat more than men!

For the mathematically inclined folks who may not fancy the above statement, what I mean is:

if 1 Man cheats with 5 Women  =>  5 Women cheat with 1 Man

Truth be told there is no exact method to calculate who takes the larger share but the fact is Women cheat just as much as men and vice versa.

The irony of life is many ladies claim to hate cheaters and yet they love Olivia Pope and President Fitzgerald in the popular series "Scandal" and there excuse is "they are so in love." Well it's still doesn't change what it is - cheating is cheating irrespective of the basis it was founded on.

On the flip side, some people are so in love with their partner and yet they still indulge in it. Some say they can't help it, some say it's just fun, some even say it's the rush of the feeling that you might get caught that makes it so much fun.

I'm not here to make any judgements and I know it's NOT IMPOSSIBLE to stay away from it, I just have one question...ok two:




Jerry's picture

Seriously, dats jxt dway it is. Men cnt stp cheatin bcos we dnt wana b bored

saheed's picture

Men cheat to satisfy their immediate sexual urge

Tiwo Itunu Mary Olagoroye's picture

Both. Women and men cheat,any one dat cheat among them to his or her partner is evil and can kill the partner,those kind of cheaters don't value feelings

aminata's picture

We all cheat! So ts a 50/50 game

sexyberry's picture

We all cheat, but mens own are the worst, they are just polygamos in nature

vooc's picture

No 1 doez nt cheat,,,bcoz we as"man" cheat wth womeN,,,whom they have deir man already,,,so it's 50/50

Adorable's picture

I̶̲̥̅̊s̶̲̥̅̊ every men DNA I̶̲̥̅̊s̶̲̥̅̊ cheat

MJ's picture

Its a 50/50 game

osimbaby's picture

Well as 4 me, men cheat more dan women bt it Surprised. Me dat a guy will lie2 a woman dat he doesn't hav a gal frnd just 2 hav her. Men u ppl are all cheaters, and I hate u ppl

nkululeko's picture

How can a man cheat alone? How can a woman cheat alone? Agreements are made between two parties here,so 50/50. Other people cheat because they were cheated on and others believe its a game and others say love is good when stealing it.

yasti's picture

I agree , its 50/50 even our religous leader self cheat yes 28968247

Michael's picture

Its the adrenaline rush that comes with doing 'bad' things, the excitment that drives some men,for others its just the body count and the ego that follows tellin his boys about the count. For women .... I don't know, am not a woman,but I guess they are built that way,wantin 'love' and attention (sexual) which is not there on an everyday basis. But for both men and women , things could just get boring with present partner. Things no longer as spontaneous as before ,no new trips ,outings romantic things .... And that guy/chic who is payin attention to u just might give u that .... Excitment.

amina's picture

Trust me when you find the ONE. You won't cheat anymore

gbenuola's picture

men ar heartless birds of d same flock

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