Funny Sayings

The following are blunders Africans say everyday...Thank God for a brown new day!My God is upsome! Why are people so weekend?Not all that glitters are goats! Majority carries the...

What do you call a chicken in a shell suit ? - an egg

You are 35 years, a first class graduate without a job and you're singing a Lil Wayne's song titled, "i ain't gat no worries."

Some updates fit kill person:"To hair is human to forgive is design""I hate guys with low selves of steam""You are a blessing to your generator""I am a soccer for guys with six...

You are in 400 level and your G.P can not even flash MTN to MTN, yet you are telling a guy to buy you Brazilian hair of N 250,000 for your birthday. On which head?

I don't like all these jokes about 9/11 they are hurtful. My brother was killed in the twin tower attacks. I was really surprised they let him fly the plane.

"She's making me bark like a Bingo...she got me dancing Alingo" ...I still don't understand why Mary Slessor stopped d Killing of Twins.

The only time Akpos passed the lie detector test was when asked if he was smarter than GEJ. He said yes

A good lecture should be like a girl's mini skirt, long enough to cover the subject and short enough to create interest!

When you feel sad, just go to the mirror and say, damn I am really cute. You will overcome your sadness. But do not make this a habit because liars go to hell.