Angels On Guard

A man was driving his taxi from Port- Harcourt to Lagos. He had a sticker in the car that says, ''He will give his angels charge over me.''

By the time he got to Warri, he was doing 135km/h. The passengers cautioned him, but he simply responded by saying, ''Don't you see the sign? The angels are on guard.''

He approached Benin on a speed of 185km/h. By this time the passengers got very nervous and decided to get down. Everybody except the driver disembarked and he decided to continue the journey to Lagos alone.

''Mumu faithless people, they don't believe that angels are on guard, despite my sticker.'' he said, as he drove on.

Nearing Ore, he was comfortably cruising at 215km/h, when he heard people in his car shouting, ''Abeg Oga! Drop us o! We are not going again!''

Puzzled, he looked around, ''Sebi I dropped all my passengers in Benin. So who are the people talking?''

''Oga! Drop us o! We are the angels who are on guard. This is now a suicide mission! We are not guarding again ooo!!!'

The driver stopped the car midway, and took to his heels.
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