Bank Ladies

If ladies were banks:

The tall slim ones will be called -- Skye bank

The robust and spacious ones -- Oceanic bank

The ones that move from one relationship to another -- Intercontinental bank

The silent but dangerous ones will be -- First Inland bank

Those who are not cute yet they love being heard -- Bank PHB

Those who stick to one man -- Fidelity bank

Those who seems caring yet debit you massively for every affection -- UBA

Those that go to any extend to make you sad -- Zenith bank

Those who are old yet they don't realize they are no more in vogue -- Union bank

The brief and summarized ones -- Micro Finance Banks

The huge ones that ''stand gidigba for ground' -- First bank;

The beautiful, reserved and homely ones -- Diamond Bank

The ones that must spend their annual vacation abroad even when the husband is broke -- GTBank

The ones with numerous sugar daddies -- Access Bank

The expensive ones -- Standard Chartered Bank

The Independent One -- IBTC

True or False?
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