CRK Questions

Our CRK teacher promised that no one was going to pass her exams since students refused to attend her class claiming they already know the bible.

She decided to give us 5 questions...

Question No.1- When Jesus Christ walked on water, how many feet was the water?
Akpos Answered - 2 feet. His right and left foot.

Question No.2 - Paul and Silas prayed and sang in prison... what happened?
Akpos Answered - The Policemen got tired of their noise and decided to send them away.

Question No.3 - When Peter denied Jesus, the cock crowed 3 times, Who was the owner of that cock?
Akpos Answered - It was your husband's Cock.

Question No.4 - When Satan was tempting Jesus, telling him to bow, were they standing or sitting?
Akpos Answered - They were flying.

Question No.5 - The cross Jesus was nailed, who took it at the end?
Akpos Answered - Women that needed firewood
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