Definition Of Bad Luck

You know you have a bad luck:

After boarding a bus, it gets to your turn to pay your fare and you can't find your money.

If you are downloading 5GB of data and it Fails at 99%!

If you buy a bold 6 for N90,000 today and the next day the price drops to N20'000.

If you win N100millon, put it in the bank and next week, the bank declares bankruptcy!

In your first day in a restaurant, after eating the fish, the bone get stuck in your throat.

If after working for 30 days, you get fired without salary.

If after selling your father's property to go abroad, and you still get deported few weeks later.

If after six abortions and the guy still ends up not marrying you.

If you submit "expo" (paper chips) with your answer sheet.

When your friend just comes back from America, gives you a cheque and did not remember to sign before going back.

When at age 38 , you still refer to Davido as your role model.

After you photo-shop your picture and you're still as ugly as Taye Taiwo

If you get expelled 24 hours to your graduation.

If you break-up with your Boyfriend/Girlfriend and he/she wins 100million naira the next day!

If the person that you were cursing out in traffic turns out to be the one interviewing you for a job.

If you lied to armed robbers that you don't have a phone with you, then it rings, and your ringtone is 'kona'!

If you sell your Kidney to buy a Range rover sport and they steal it the next day.

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You can add other examples of bad luck in the comment box below...

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