Different Mentality

The difference between foreign advice and Nigerian advice

Hello, My name is Kathy Moss , Im from UK. I love my husband so much and I do anything to please him in bed. I even s*ck his thing but he has refused to eat my thing. Please advice me how to tell him to go down on me cos I really want my thing juice sucked.

John Phillips: I think you need to talk to him, marriage is communication.

Alexandra Matters: Oh my dear, sorry about that, I have been in your shoes before... I told him right away and he is an expert in it.

Kelvin Martins: I get down with my wife, its cool. I love doing it... you should talk to your husband.

My name is Yetunde, I stay In Lagos, married with a kid, my husband have refused to s.u.c.k. my thing, what should I do? No insults abeg Just need your suggestions.

Musa: First to comment, Space Booked!

Freshkid: and how does that affect the price of garri in the market?

Emeka Ngochi: F00l, sex na food?

Nkiru Joy: You are a disgrace to woman-hood. SHAME on you.

Kunle DeeDee: Any news about ASUU Strike?

Toheeb Sule: If you want I can suck for you, call my number. 0700233766214

Temitayo: I no blame you at all, better go find something to do with your life. Suck kor, soak-away ni.

Richard: Abeg who get bb charger?

Amaka: You be ashewo!!! You need deliverance!

Lynda: Sign of End-time, Anti Christ among us, Please repent!

Taofeek: Thunder fire you!!! You a womanhood to disgrace!
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