English Language Class

One boring Monday morning, Mr. Akpos, our English teacher entered the class and addressed us. He started; "Lets show the principal and our guest how much we have learnt so far this year. Lets do some comparatives. So I say small, you say small, smaller, smallest and on and on like that."

We all nodded, looking very tired.

CLASS: (All chorused) Big, bigger ,biggest
MR. AKPOS: Clean
CLASS: Clean, cleaner, cleanest
CLASS: Tall, taller, tallest
MR AKPOS: (Smiling) Very good
CLASS: Very good, very gooder, very goodest
MR. AKPOS: Oh gosh!
CLASS: Oh gosh, oh gosher, oh goshest
MR. AKPOS: Stop it now!
CLASS: Stop it now, stop it nower, stop it nowest
MR AKPOS: Oh please!
CLASS: Oh please, oh pleaser, oh pleasest
MR. AKPOS: Look at me!
CLASS: Look at me, look at me-er, look at me-est
MR. AKPOS: What a disgrace!
CLASS: What a disgrace, what a disgracer, what a disgracest

Mr. Akpos furiously left the class.
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