Facts About Ibadan People

Sorry in advance to all my Ibadan peeps.

Only Ibadan girls use Fire Extinguisher to put off the Firewood after cooking.

Ibadan People pronounce Yvonne Nelson as Weavon Nessi.

When some Ibadan people yawn, LAWMA trucks feel jealous.

After use, Ibadan girls wash their STRAW and keep it for the next outing.

It is only in an Ibadan Fast Food that you'll see "Meatpie N120" and "Meatpie (with Gen) N1500".

Ibadan People will have an accident, stand up, curse the driver, then fall down and die.

Ibadan girls can still ask someone in a BBM group "Are you on BBM?".

A typical Ibadan Man sprays all his money at a party and treks home.

Ibadan girls still think I-pad is a PAD used to stop Menstrual Flow.

Ibadan Girls know more INCANTATIONS than BIBLE VERSES.

The world can not end tomorrow because Ibadan girls still use spoon to drink 'Viju milk'

It's only in Ibadan that a Driver will decide to use his hand to trafficate even when the car trafficator is still Intact.

Ibadan boys are free because their Girls think KFC is a Football Club.

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