Father's Worst Nightmare

As a man was walking by his 19 year old daughter's room, he saw her bed neatly tidied and all her room tidy as well. He went in astonished to see his daughter so clean for the first time. When he got in, on top of the bed was a note that read:

Dear dad,

I'm sorry, but I have to tell you that I met Chibuzo on my way to school one day, he is just 53 and I am in love with him but I don't know how to tell you and now I'm going to have his baby. Chibuzo has impregnated alot of girls but I'm the only one he is willing to be close too. He has a lot of girlfriends, but don't worry dad, he comes home every weekend to stay wit me. We are only praying that they discover a cure for HIV/AIDS so he won't die young. I mean he is just 53! Don't bother to look for me dad. He only beats me when I don't cook early but I'm happy with him.

After reading this, he saw on the last line of the paper, "Please turn over."

Dad, all I said was a lie! I just wanted you to know that there are other things worse than my exam result that's inside the drawer. When you are no more angry, call me. I'm at my friend, Tina's house.

Your Faithful Daughter

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