Macmillan English

Do you know that...

Ali is no longer a boy?

Simbi is now a mother with two children?

Chike is no longer the river boy, but he is now a marine engineer?

Edet no longer lives in Calabar, but has moved to Canada?

Agbo is happily married too and has left the town of Lagoon for London?

Eze no longer goes to school, he is now a graduate?

Even Mr Salami is no longer a farmer but a politician?

Do you remember Ralia the sugar girl? She now owns one of the biggest sugar factories in Kano.

Ade our naughty little brother is now a doctor in one of the biggest hospitals in the country?

Wow, what a great medium to recall those days of Macmillan English. We all had them off hand.

But if you don't know all these, then you are part of the Indomie Generation earlier posted on this site. (Click here to read the Indomie Generation post)
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