Male Engineers

Four Girls entered a BRT Bus full of Male Engineers. Since there was no more place available, they sat on each of the Boys' laps.

After ten minutes.

1ST GIRL: Are you an Electronics and Communication Engineer?

1ST BOY: How did you know?

1ST GIRL: Your tower is communicating with my unreachable area.

2ND GIRL: Are you an IT Engineer?

2ND BOY: How did you know?

2ND GIRL: Your Pendrive is trying to connect with my USB Drive.

3RD GIRL: Are you a Mechanical Engineer?

3RD BOY: How did you know?

3RD GIRL: Your piston is trying to move into my cylinder.

4TH GIRL: Are you a Civil Engineer?

4TH BOY: How did you know?

4TH GIRL: Your dam has broken and flooded my village.
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