Police Road-Block

Police officers were at a road block. One of them stops a trailer:

POLICEMAN: Where is your permit?
DRIVER: (Hands in his permit)
POLICEMAN: Do you have an extinguisher?
DRIVER: Yes, its there
POLICEMAN: Light up your indicators.
DRIVER: (Light his indicators)
POLICEMAN: Do you have a seat belt?
DRIVER: Yes, I have.
POLICEMAN: Hunk your horn let me hear.

The driver hunks his horn. The policeman turns to his fellow officers and says the man has everything and they decided to let him go.

As the driver was about to drive away, one of the police officers suddenly shouts:

POLICEMAN: Is your SIM-card registered?
DRIVER: (Completely surprised) No.
POLICEMAN: Park! Park there!!! How can you drive without registering your number? What if you are involve in an accident, how will we identify you?
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