Spanish Romance

Angelina and her anti gay campaigner boyfriend named Akpos went on a supposed romantic holiday to Spain. After four days in Spain, Akpos suddenly stopped caring and giving her attention because he met an endowed damsel named Biru with whom he has started having sexual relationship.

They were so into each other, Angelina grew very jealous, heartbroken and so pained. She decided to confront him with it.

When she confronted him, he instantly broke up with her and told her he has found a someone.

The next day, Akpos took his new girlfriend to Angelina's apartment to introduce her. The girls screamed when they saw each other, they hugged with delight to the surprise of Akpos who became very curious to know how they knew each other.

Without hesitating, Akpos says, "I can see you both know each other. How possible?"

Angelina replied, "Yes, we know each other. She is my ex boyfriend Kabiru. She was the last person I dated before I met you.

Akpos, angry, asks, "Are you are a lesbian?"

Angelina, almost irritated, replies, "No! She was a man when we were dating before he surgically changed his sex from male to female. That was why we broke up."

Akpos instantly fainted.
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