Tale of Dickson

The Sperm Out of a bunch of millions of sperms there was this one sperm named Dickson

Dickson was always trying to keep his fitness, jogging, lifting weights, and even swimming. When his friends ask him why was he doing these things he say "only one of us will meet the egg and make a baby, and I want to be that one when the time comes".

His friends would just laugh at him and pass.

The time for them to go out came and Dickson outran all of them (I'm talking millions of sperms) to the exit, as matter of fact, there was a huge gap between Dick and the rest.

All of a sudden the other guys saw Dickson running back as fast as they have never seen him before. As he went past them in the opposite direction.

They asked, "Dickson why are you running back, didn't you say you wanted to be the one?"

And Dickson breathlessly replied, "heh heh heh heh... This fool is masturbating!"
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