Wrong Direction

A man was lost in a city and needed direction to a popular guest house. So he approached an old man and the following conversation ensued:

YOUNG MAN: Good afternoon sir. Please, could you direct me to fortune & co. Guest house?

OLD MAN: Good afternoon son. How are you doing today?

YOUNG MAN: I'm very well thank you sir. I missed my way to fortune & co. Guest house. Do you know where I can find it sir?

OLD MAN: (thinking deeply for about 10 minutes) I don't think I know son.

YOUNG MAN:(obviously angry at how the old man wasted his time) Thank you sir.

The young man went on his way. 30 minutes later, When they've had a lot of distance between them, the young man suddenly heard the old man shouting and running behind him with a young looking man. So he went back and another conversation ensued...

YOUNG MAN: Sir you called me?

OLD MAN:(panting) my son, this is my first son bola and he graduated from University of Lagos with a first class.

YOUNG MAN: That's wonderful, but what's the point?

OLD MAN: I have just asked him whether he knows fortunes & co. guest house and he said he doesn't know where it is.
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