Why I hate My Boyfriend

GIRL: I hate my boyfriend!
BOY: Why?
GIRL: He is so cheap he cant even buy me a simple dinner, are all boys like that?
BOY: Of course not, I'm not like that.
GIRL: I'm going to break up with him.
BOY: Ok but know I'm available.
[Girl stands to leave]
BOY: Wait, where are you going?
GIRL: To break up with my boyfriend of course.
BOY: You can't leave.
GIRL: Why?
BOY: Who is going to pay for the lunch we just had?
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Tony's picture

why is she looking for whom to pay her dinner, if not dat she's greedy.

emmygold's picture

Why is She wetining

Demben Ji sung's picture

Why na she de. rate

Beauty 's picture

The guy is more dan stingy indeed.

soni opal's picture

The boy is very stingy

p. Bwoy 's picture


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