The Bushmeat

A "wise" guy was traveling in his private car along the road when he saw a huge bushmeat hanging on a stick from afar and decided to buy it. He stopped hIs car and asked, "Madam, how much is your bushmeat?"

"That one is N7000." the woman replied.

The man exclaimed, "No Madam! that's too costly, and how much will you sell the other one?"

"That's N6500." the woman replied.

The man said, "Ok! Put them in my boot."

The woman went behind the car saying in her mind, "If this man opens his boot, I will drop the bushmeat on the ground and collect the money for free."

Immediately the woman shut the boot without putting the bushmeat, the man zoomed off without paying the woman.

QUESTION: Now who is smarter between the two?

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The woman is smarter

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Okwalinga Daniel's picture

a man is smarter.

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D madam

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the woman asuming she put the meat in the boot she would have lost every thing including the meat and the money

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Lol it the woman
but in The other hand the man because maybe the man might have seen her in his side mirror

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Na the man wise pass

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