Dumbest Boy?

Akpos enters a barber shop. The barber whispers to his customer:

BARBER: This is the dumbest boy in the world. Watch while I prove it to you.

The barber puts a N50 note in one hand and two N10 notes in the other, then calls the boy and asks:

BARBER: Which do you want, boy?

Akpos takes the two N10 notes and leaves.

BARBER: What did I tell you? Akpos never learns!

Minutes later, when the customer left, he sees Akpos coming out of the ice cream store.

CUSTOMER: Akpos, May I ask you a question? Why did you take the N10 notes instead of the N50 note?

Akpos replied, "Because the day I take the fifty naira note, the game is over!"
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Desmond's picture

Waw! Lwkmd! So Hilarious

Ogbobe godwin's picture

I can't stop laughing

Oreoluwa olayiwola's picture

I luv it

Albert.Alfred's picture

I Cherished It A Lot. Thanks

Kevin's's picture

Damn Funny

Brightboy's picture

It good

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