3 Wishes

A very wealthy man had a Birthday party and he invited everyone in his town. In his Mansion, he had a big pool filled with alligators. So he announced that anyone who was able to swim across the pool and come out unarmed would be granted three wishes.

Immediately, there was complete silence, nobody wanted to risk his or her life. All of a Sudden, there was a big splash and AY was swimming like hell! He successfully came out alive.

He was then given a round of applause. Everyone was anxious to know what gave AY the courage to do it, but then, the host asked, "What are your three wishes?"

AY replied, "Give me a shotgun, 3 rounds of shells (bullets) and show me the idiot who pushed me inside the Pool!."

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Burden Bascs Breaker's picture

wow! i cant stop laughing

oyedele deborah's picture

OMG i cant stop laughing

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