4 Syllable Word

Mrs. Esther started a new lesson on multi-syllabic words, she thought it would be a good idea to ask a few of her students’ examples of words with more that one syllable.

"Cynthia, do you know any multi-syllabic word?"

After some thought, Cynthia proudly replied and said, “Monday.”

"Great Cynthia! That has two syllables, Mon … day. Does anyone else know another word?"

"I do, I do," replied Akpos.

Knowing Akpos' more mature sense of humor, she picks Kenny instead. "Ok Kenny, what is your word.

“Saturday.” says, Kenny.

"Great, that has three syllables."

Not wanting to be outdone, Akpos says “I know a four syllable word, pick me …”

Not thinking he can do any harm with a word that large, the teacher reluctantly says, “OK Akpos, what is your four syllable word?”

Akpos proudly says, “Mas…tur…ba…tion.”

Shocked, the teacher, trying to retain her composure says, “Wow, Akpos, four syllables... that certainly is a mouthful”

"No, Aunty, you're thinking of Mouth Action and that’s only two syllables."

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Gee ur quick

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