8 Points Agenda

If Akpos Becomes Nigeria's President, His 8 points agenda will be:

1. I am going to make sure any guy or girl who breaks each other's heart will spend 20 years in jail.

2. No man is entitled to more than one wife.

3. Any guy without 6 packs or any girl without figure 8 (enough front and back) will have to relocate to Iran or Iraq for survival.

4. No work on Mondays.

5. You must not have more than 2 kids.

6. If you are married and you are not paying attention to your wife or husband, you will be jailed until you change.

7. Every cheating man or woman must be kept in a zoo for 2 months.

8. No sex until you seek permission from your local Government Chairman. and it's once per month.

Will you vote for him?
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