Ages of Women on Their Wedding Day

It's very easy to know the age of a woman on her traditional wedding day...

18-21 years: There will be no dancing. Rather, the bride and her mother will be hugging each other and crying.

22-25 years: Only the bride will be dancing while the mother will sit and watch with wet eyes and forced back tears.

26-30 years: Both mother and daughter will be dancing with all their might and strength.

31-35 years: Daughter, mother and father will be trying to outdo each other on the dancing arena

36 years and above: The father o, mother o, brothers o, sisters o, and the entire extended family will take over the dancing arena.

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Really really funny

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Very funny

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Very funny

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Really funny

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Heard u the first time

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Damm nigerians!

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Wow That's A Great Sense

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