Akpos and ileya Ram

A conversation ensued between Sule and Akpos about Sule's preparedness for Eid-el-Kabir (Ileya).

Sule: Na wah for this government people oh! Everything just tight for man pikin
Akpos: Sule wetin happen na?
Sule: the economy too tight so tey say mak pikin no fit buy ram for this ileya sef.
Akpos: eiya! But I have two rams na and I fit give you one from the two.

Sule excitedly jumped up for joy and began to dance for joy as he follows Akpos to his office.

On getting home, Akpos calls to Chuks (his neighbour) to give him a screw driver and Sule (anxious to see the ram he's to be given) excitedly asked, Akpos where you tie the rams na?

Akpos responds, "they are inside the house na"
Sule: (surprised but anxious to get his gift) Akpos, why you go keep ram inside the house na? The ram go shit full your room oh.

Akpos: Haba Sule! Na my laptop the rams follow come na and na the screw driver wey I go use open the back of my laptop I wan collect for Chuks hand so na.

Before you could say jack Akpos ended up at the hospital as if he's been hit by a trailer.

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dryyyyy oh, guy u drink dry gin

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