Bad Cartoons

How do we expect our kids to be good, when they watch bad cartoons like the ones below:

Ben 10 can change into 10 demons.

Tarzan is always half naked.

Tom & Jerry are always fighting.

Cinderella comes back home at midnight.

Pinocchio lies all the time.

Aladdin is the king of thieves.

Batman drives at 320km/h.

Sleeping beauty is a lazy girl.

Rapunzel allows men to climb in her window and

Snow white is living with 7 guys.

Come on, really, how do we expect these kids to be any good?
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make sense

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It is absolutely true

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Is true there is no lie on it

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And don't forget Barbie. Always dressing up. And then we expect girls not to.

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Wow! You get it jare

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What about beauty and the beast that got married to a beast all in the name of money why won't girls chase after guys with money if u like be a dog they will as far u have money

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Dam you all

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حجحسس سمصحخ

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