Best magic

I believe the best magic is neither in Merlin's nor Harry Potter's hands...

I was going out one fateful day and I needed some money to buy some stuff urgently! I asked
my mum for money. Although she's been giving me various excuses, she didn't hesitate this time, instead, she brought out the money.

I counted it and it was N35,000! I was very happy.

I showed off the newly wrapped notes, especially to my best friend. He asked me to lend him some amount of money promising to return it the next day. I refused to give him lying to him that it was for my school fees. He was annoyed but had no choice.

Whilst counting the money, my crush, a beautiful light skinned girl, walked up to me asking me to lend her some of the money saying she couldn't tell me the exact time she would return it.

Without hesitating, I handed over everything to her!

Immediately she left, I started crying because I never knew how I happened to give her the

Isn't that Magic?!

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it is

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Yea! men

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Magic 4 boyz like u

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Mega dry

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Na wa o

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Na spell my broder no be magic. Na ur village pple xnd her come

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Yes of course

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