The Bike

A man went to a bar and parked his bike close to where Akpos was standing.

After some couple of drinks, the man came out and was about to leave when he noticed his bike was missing. He saw Akpos roaming around and recognised Akpos standing close to where he parked his bike. So he decided to ask Akpos where his bike was:

MAN: Excuse me sir, I parked my bike here a few hours ago, do you by chance know where it is?
AKPOS: Before I tell you where your bike is, you have to buy me drinks.
MAN: Fine!

They both entered the bar, and the man virtually spent his last earnings on Akpos. After Akpos was thoroughly satisfied and almost drunk, the man asked him, "Can you now tell me where my bike is?"

"Come closer," Akpos whispers to the man, "let me tell you, this place is not safe."

"Alright." the man obliges.

When he came closer, Akpos whispers into his ear and says, "I think your bike may have been stolen by someone."

What do you think will happen to Akpos?
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He will b delt with thoroughly

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