Corpse Sharing

Two young boys were plucking oranges from a tree belonging to an old man, they heard him coming their way and ran away with the ones they had. While the boys tried to run into the cemetery, they found that the gate was locked and they decided to jump over the fence.

While jumping, two oranges fell from their bag and they left it. When they were safely inside the cemetery, they began to share the oranges.

The boys started counting: One for you, one for me.

A drunkard passing behind the cemetery heard their voices and ran as fast as he could to the church to tell the priest that he has heard God and Satan sharing Corpses. Then the priest came with the drunkard to the entrance of the cemetery to hear for himself.

The boys were still busy counting: One for you, one for me.

After they had shared the ones they had, one of the boys asked the other, "What about the two at the gate?"

Immediately the drunkard and the priest heard this, they took to their heels.
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Kevin's's picture

Can't stop laughin'

Osas Melody's picture

No wait na you want to settle God and satan

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