Deceitful Akpos

Akpos went on a visit to see his friend. As they were discussing, his friend's wife, who was present, sat opposite Akpos with her legs seductively opened. Akpos was visibly aroused. When his friend briefly entered the room, his wife said to Akpos, "do you like what you see"?

Akpos nodded.

"You can have it, but it will only cost you N15,000," his friend's wife said.

So they fixed a time, 12pm the next day when her husband will be at work. The next day, Akpos came over at the exact time, had sex with his friend's wife and paid her the agreed price. When her husband came back, this was what transpired between them:

AKPOS' FRIEND: Honey, was Akpos here today?
WIFE: (Worried) Yes.
AKPOS' FRIEND: At 12pm right?
WIFE: (Totally nervous now) Yes.
AKPOS' FRIEND: Ohh, Akpos, my good friend, always keeping to time.
WIFE :Honey, why do you ask?
AKPOS' FRIEND: He came over to my office this morning and borrowed N15,000 from me promising to bring it back to you at the house by 12pm, so did he bring it?

The wife FAINTED...
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