Finding a Husband

Finding a Husband is Hard...

1. You find a handsome one, the brain is empty.

2. You find a brilliant one, he looks too serious.

3. You find a rich one, he is respectful.

4. You find a hardworking one, he never has time for you.

5. You find a serious one, his EX keeps calling.

6. You find a humble one, he is broke.

7. You find a responsible one, he is not romantic.

8. You find an educated one, he feels he is always right.

9. You find an illiterate one, he always gets angry whenever you correct him.

10. You find a smart one, he lies every time.

Where is the perfect one?

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Gift's picture

This is real

ifeoluwa's picture

true talk

Anabel Franker's picture

No Be Lie I Tell U.But Nobody Is Perfect.As A Human People Must Find Fault In You

Jaforie Ola's picture

You Are A Liar

Loveth Ajuonuma's picture

Put it in prayer

Francess's picture

u ar a pure liar cos 1 must b gud

Vic's picture

Wats wrong with #3? #3 is the perfect one lol.

Shegman1's picture

He's no where to be found

Emmy Jr's picture


Emmy Jr's picture

Nice One

Abra laycon's picture

Wahala be like MTN

arafat 1's picture

i love u


The rich one is good #3.

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