How To Make Babies

"Knock, knock!"

Akpos was alone in the house and wasn't expecting anyone, so he waited for a last knock just to be sure that someone was really at the door.


He opens the door and this very hot hour glass shaped beautiful lady walks into his house, as he closes the door behind him and look back to question the lady, the lady was lying naked on his couch with a sexy posture. She stylishly licked her lips and said, "Hey handsome, can you teach me how to make babies?"

Akpos though shocked, quickly grasps the woman by the hand, took her straight to his room, sat her on his bed, looked hastily under his bed, scattered his wardrobe, looked on top of his shelve and finally, Akpos shouted with a loud voice, "YES! I found it!"

He turned back and went straight to the gorgeous naked woman on his bed and handed over his Biology textbook to her.

One word for Akpos?
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i love it

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