Nigerian Girlfriends Association

Earlier this week, the Nigerian Association of Boyfriends posted a list of items they need on Valentine's Day... Below is the reply of the National Girlfriends Association...

Dear Nigerian Boyfriends,

We hope that you and your ATM card are getting ready for Sunday? In no particular order, below are a list of items we WOULD NO LONGER accept as Valentine day gifts...

BBM Broadcast
Whatsapp Broadcast
BBM PM Shoutouts
Instagram Woman Crush Sunday.
Romantic SMS except it is accompanied with a credit alert.
Card; Soft and hard copies. This is not applicable to recharge CARDS.
Leaves/Flowers: Fresh, rubber, dried, scented, unscented, cooked and uncooked.
Perfumes from an unnamed designer; That type that stains cloth and produces rashes.
Cheap Jewelries made out of copper, steel, zinc andiron.
Cheap chocolates.
Rice and Chicken in Mr Biggs nylon.

However, while we are still saving for your Bentley, we expect that you'd receive your regular valentine pack of a Handkerchief, a Singlet and a Boxer with sincere appreciation as these three items connotes a deep meaning that has more value than silver and gold.

Thank you!

Nigerian Girlfriends Associations (NGA)

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Aishat's picture

Na wa 4 9ja galz o!

Deborah Rufus's picture

Niaja galz carry go

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