Number 7

There was a boy whose name contained 7 letters (Chinedu).

He spent 7 years in Secondary School because he repeated twice in 1977. He sat for his S.S.C.E. for which he entered 7 subjects. Before the exams, he usually read from 7a.m to 7 p.m.

When his results came out, he had P7 in all the 7 subjects. He promptly fainted and was rushed to the 7th Day Adventist Hospital where he was admitted into ward 7 and assigned the 7th bed. He remained unconscious for 7 days.

While on admission at the Hospital, his mother bought a car, which was numbered OG 7777GGG. When he saw the car plate number, he fainted again making it the 7th time he had fainted.

On July 7, 7 years ago, he had fainted at 7 oclock when he heard that the lady he impregnated gave birth to 7 babies.

He finally died some 7 hours ago due to the 7th injection he refused to take.
Dina James
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