Penis Theft

One day in a public transport, one of the passengers in the bus ditched out some amount of money to a beggar outside the bus. Some few minutes later, the man suddenly screamed, "My penis! It's disappeared!"

Everybody in the bus horrified by the man's predicament, figured the beggar was responsible.

The bus turned back and drove to the point the beggar was standing. Luckily for man, they apprehended the beggar. After much fist pounding, the beggar finally confessed he was responsible for pilfering the man's 'thingy'.

Figuring he could be killed, the beggar told them he could fixed the situation. So the beggar brought out a bag loaded with differing sizes of d**ks, picked up a very small size, not more than an inch, and was about fixing the man's 'thingy'.

The wife realising this is a chance, subtly slapped her husband from behind and silently told him, "This is your chance honey for a change, so pick that bigger size!"
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