Pet Names

A lady said to her fiance, "Now that we are engaged, we should start calling each other sweet pet names."

The man (uninterested) asked her, "So what do you want to be calling me?"

She replied, "I will be calling you TIGER"

"Why tiger?" the man asked.

"Because you are handsome, tall, charming, strong, calculating, smart and very good in BEDmatics." she said.

Then in a sexy tone, she asked him, "What will you be calling me?"

The man still uninterested replied, "I will be calling you ZEBRA."

The lady still smiling seductively and kissing his cheek screamed, "WOW! That's lovely and sweet! Why did you chose such a lovely name for me?"

The man responded, "It's because of your many STRETCH MARKS."
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