Nawa for all these rich people. Akpos went to see a friend from a very rich family. The maid approached Akpos and asked:

MAID: What would you like to have; fruit juice, yoghurt, tea, chocolate, cappuccino , frapuccino or coffee?
AKPOS: Tea please.
MAID: Ceylon tea, Indian tea, herbal tea, kericho gold tea, bush tea or green tea?
AKPOS: Ceylon tea please.
MAID: How do you want it; black or white?
AKPOS: White.
MAID: Milk or fresh cream?
AKPOS: With milk.
MAID: Goat milk or cow milk?
AKPOS: Cow milk.
MAID: Freeze-land cow or Afrikaner cow?
AKPOS: (Thinking), let me have freeze-land cow.
MAID: Would you like it with sweetener, sugar or honey?
AKPOS: Sugar.
MAID: Bee sugar or cane sugar?
AKPOS: Cane sugar
MAID: White, brown or yellow sugar?
AKPOS: Abeg, forget about the tea, just give me a glass of water.
MAID: Mineral, tap or distilled water?
Akpos: Mineral water.
MAID: Flavoured or non-flavoured?
AKPOS: Infact get me an empty glass!
MAID: Do you want a tumbler, wine glass, champagne flute or a beer mug?
AKPOS: Abeg, free me, I go fast"
MAID: Wet fast or dry fast?
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