Random Talks

The patience you exercise when your Blackberry hangs, please use it in relationships.

The Toilet, best place to eat stolen meat.

Time Heals everything, well except Yoruba tribal Marks.

Why count your money in front of the ATM? Will you return if it's incomplete or is there a button that says "incomplete''?

It amazes me that people are afraid to talk in the exam room when the question clearly said "Discuss''

I'm in Lagos, my internet is terrible but Shekau is in Sambissa forest and yet he has enough bandwidth to upload 59mins YouTube video.

The rate at which the super eagles plays draw games is making me wonder if Okro is one of Naija Mineral resources.

Some girls are looking for tall guys with pink lips and six packs when their father is short, pot bellied with pommo lips.

It is only in Nigeria that a Policeman will stop you and search your phone gallery for blue film

If People Can Use "LOL" Without Even Laughing Surely They Use "I Love You" Without Even Loving You. Be Guided.

Somewhere in Onitsha, an Ibo man is struggling with the ushers on how to retrieve the N200 he mistakenly dropped instead of N20 offering.

If a woman leaves a man with vision for a man with television, soon she'll watch the man with vision on her husband's television.

You've been Engaged since 2010, till today you're still ENGAGED. MY girl, you're not LORD OF THE RINGS please return that key holder

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