Secret to Long, Happy Marriages

Here's a little advice to all who want long, happy marriages. Create a working formula on decision making and because you're the man and the head of the house, take decision on bigger issues whereas your wife decides on smaller issues. DO NOT INTERFERE IN EACH OTHERS DECISIONS!

Smaller issues like how many kids to have, the neighbourhood to live in, which car you should buy, how much money to save, who, when and where to visit, which sofa, cooker, refrigerator to buy, monthly expenses, whether to keep a maid or not, where to go for holidays, whose mum you should visit, etc, etc, should be decided by your wife. Just agree to it.

Your decision are only for very big issues like, whether America should attack Iran, the uranium enrichment in North Korea, whether Britain should lift sanctions against Zimbabwe, how to fully exploit Africa's economic and intellectual potential, whether KDF should leave Somalia, whether Arsenal needs to by new players, or change their coach etc, etc. Your wife will never object to any of these decisions and you will live happily!
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