See Correct Children

Akpos?? father accompanied him to his school graduation awards party. As they sat watching amidst loud ovations, the beneficiaries were called to the podium for their awards. The following conversation ensued:

ANNOUNCER: Best student in sciences; the winner is Kwame.

FATHER: (applauds and eyes Akpos scornfully) See correct children!

ANNOUNCER: Best student in commercial studies; the winner is Kemi.

FATHER: (hisses and eyes Akpos again) See correct children!

ANNOUNCER: Best student in Arts; the winner is Helen.

FATHER: (fuming with anger) See correct children!

And so, all the awards were presented without any going to Akpos. At the end of the event, they left and went to the car park but as his dad got ready to start the car, the engine refused to respond. He opened the bonnet and touched a few things but his efforts did not yield any response, so they resorted to pushing it. Just as they got to the exit of the school, the rickety car sparked up.

Exhausted and profusely sweating, Akpos rested on the gate just as his mates were driving off with their parents in Hummer, Sequia, Infinity, Escalade, Bentley, Lincoln Navigator, Range Rover and other exotic cars. All of a sudden, Akpos burst into laughter.

His puzzled father asked, "What??s so funny?"

Amidst teary eyes, Akpos responded, "SEE CORRECT FATHERS!"
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